Yes, we are roughroads. We lead you to beautiful locations. We have a lot of stories to tell. We have so much information to share. We have seen a lot of life. Some even lost their life on our chest. So turn your ignition on to hear what we want to say.

The voice of youth, freedom, happiness and achievements are spoken through our words. Freedom is not only to do what we love but also make the  world more beautiful. We need a nature that is nurturing and nourished. So we will show you the paths that will lead to these mysterious places through the words of vagabonds. Pilgrims search for temples and we search for everything. Almighty is love, care and nature. And make that sustain for future is a huge task we undertake.

Plastic is a virus and humans are spreading it. So where ever we show, and you go, never take poison along with you. Also experience the stories of real heroes out there through our writing. Leh-Ladakh trip is every person’s dream come true and we need to be there when we are ninety as well.

We explore and write so you can see them when you wish. We are roughroads and we commence our non-ending travel from Kanyakumari. Yes Kanyakumari,  the place everyone knows about. But there is something that no one ever noticed. We will show those parts of places along with common.

Once again how you travel defines what you are. So let us keep the planet green an beautiful. We will show you the places, keeping it for others is everyone’s task. Then what next?

Thugh..thugh…thugh thugh thugh thugh thugh…………