Long trips will surely be incomplete without a camera in hand , and t


he fact applies even in this case as Trivandrum based adventure junkie biker group, Moto Marshals  decided to let their pictures narrate the story behind their journeys.Tales of brotherhood , biker pride, nature at its best and worst and also the dark side of the human society are few of the stories these thrill seekers managed to capture and portray via their photography.

“The truth is everywhere and with a million stories to tell ,depending on the perspective of the beholder and it just takes the right person to be there at the right time to perfectly capture that emotion and be the story teller” says Jithin Krishna, one of Moto Marshals best photographers.Audience

The club decided to display their work on the 16th of April , Sunday on the day of Easter at Manaveeyam Veedhi , in the heart of the city. The exhibition began at 10am and seemed to drag in multitudes of people. The members of the club were kind enough to entertain  and interact with the crowd often elaborating on the story behind their pictures. 

Manaveeyam“Marshals does not  discriminate riders based on their rides. The club follows a code that states its not the ride that makes a rider, but his passion for riding.Marshals also staunchly believe that no rider is above the law and, safety while riding is as essential as fuel in the tank , especially on cross country tours” says Moto Marshal’s club head , Abu Marshal .

One thing can be said for sure is that Trivandrum’s friendly neighbourhood biker club has many more upcoming events like fund raisers ,charity drives and safety seminars and this in turn guarantees that they will have many more stories to tell and miles to ride before they sleep.

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