Those who are obsessed with road movies would have seen The Motorcycle Diaries many times even if they have some ideological differences with the person referring in the movie, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara. The Motorcycle Diaries is a road movie directed by Walter Salles.


motorcycle diaries
Ernesto who is also called le fuser along with his friend Alberto start their journey from Buenos aires, the capital of Argentina to Guajira Peninsula in Venezuela in an aged, leaky 1939 Norton 500. Ernesto is a neuro physician and Alberto is a biochemist. After a long journey through the unpaved roads, lots of falls and snow they reach Chile. There their motor cycle breakdowns. And they lose their norton called the mighty one there. From they start to travel by foot and other means. Their journey changes as they reach chile. They start to face the bitter truth of life as the movie continues.

Thats enough with synopsis, as we have to discuss the travel and photography side of the movie. The movie take us through the latin american countries with absorbing it’s enormous essence. The greenery, life everything from 20th century was shown with utmost beauty and care. When they reach peru, the view of Machu Pichu was awesome. The whole movie reflected life, culture and history of each country.

motorcycle diaries

Well-acted, beautifully shot and broad and personal, The Motorcycle Diaries is nonetheless undermined in the end by a clunky search for meaning and depth that seems forced. –Tom Long


“The film The Motorcycle Diaries showed the world Che’s journey through Latin America and we have even designed our own tour following in his footsteps, it’s great to know that the countries are collaborating to ensure his memory too.” — Laura Rendell-Dunn, Journey Latin America

Then what are you waiting for? Let us watch the movie 😉

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